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    Looking for a centerpiece for your garden? An outdoor garden sculpture could be the perfect addition to your beautifully manicured or native garden.
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    Australian Garden Sculpture

    Looking for a centerpiece for your garden? An outdoor garden sculpture can provide a distinctive focal point and finishing touch to a cohesive and beautifully designed landscape – whether it is a subtle enhancement or a dramatic showpiece. Combining the artistic beauty of a sandstone sculpture with in a natural garden setting can add sophistication and ambiance to your outdoor area, transforming a space with elegance, style and creativity that will be enjoyed for years to come.

    Consider placing a sculpture in an area not already adorned by bright flowers, but where the sculpture will be a focal point. Don’t underestimate the impact of stone sculpture that can be placed on or near a water feature, where the reflection and shadow will shift throughout the day, creating an ever-changing visual experience.

    Don’t get caught up in something trendy.  A sculpture can be contemporary, realistic, native, religious, traditional, personal, abstract, or an heirloom. If you like it, go for it. For a contemporary style home, an abstract sculpture fits well. For a traditional style home, you might choose a formal statue or an abstract art piece. Larger pieces act as a focal point and draw the eye to an area. Abstract sculptures make great focal points because they can be seen from all angles. Choose something to evoke emotion and consider the view in front, around, and in the distance. Smaller sculptures bring you close to the garden. Place smaller sculptures in a mass of flowers to surprise and encounter wonderful works of art on a stroll through the garden.

    The size of the sculpture can make your garden feel smaller or larger. On smaller lots, don’t choose a large piece that takes up most of the garden. For a focal point, larger is better. For an accent, smaller is better. Use a large cardboard box or build a wood box to size to place and see how it looks in proportion to the yard.

    Christophe’s hard wearing, weather proof sandstone garden sculptures are designed to last a lifetime under Australia’s extreme weather conditions. Christophe coats all his outdoor sculptures in a cutting edge sandstone sealer that will protect and prevent the stone from discolouring for over 20 years. Delivery is available to anywhere around Australia and the globe.

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