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    Sydney stone sculptor and carver Christophe Conder accepts commissions and also has a number of sculptures for sale from his Sydney Studio
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    Stone Carving Process

    To begin a new sculpture, I first work out an idea for the sculpture in drawings or by modelling a maquette in clay.

    Once a suitable sandstone block has been chosen from the quarry I can start to plan around the stone. Looking at the stone to determine the direction of the grain. Wetting the sandstone with water helps display the grain, often appearing as distinctive colour patterns.

    Once I have determined the direction of the grain, I check to see if there are any hair-line cracks in the stone that could open up and break off later during carving.

    Now I can begin transferring my design on all sides of the stone and commence carving.

    To commission a stone carving or buy a unique sculpture from Christophe please get in touch.

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